Astrophotography workshops 2021

£150 per person

Join me on one of my many Night time adventures throughout 2021, shooting at one of my favorite locations in Cornwall such as –

  • Mullion cove
  • Rinsey
  • St Michaels Mount
  • Kennack sands

I will pass on my knowledge to capturing the best possible night sky images from your DSLR / Mirrorless camera.

covering skills such –

  • the perfect camera settings 
  • how to find the milkyway in the night sky
  • how to focus at night 
  • getting that perfect composition 
  • different techniques to get the best astrophotography photo

Groups will be limited to myself and 3 others each night, the lesson will last approx 2 hours with the possibility of various locations if conditions are perfect, As the summer nights get longer ideal conditions can start about midnight once the sun has fully set and the fun begins.

you will need –

  • DSLR/Mirrorless camera
  • Wide angle Lens with aperture f4 or lower
  • a tripod 
  • the usual bits such as memory and batteries 
  • a torch 
  • your own transport 

The second part of the Cornwall astrophotography workshop will be via Teamviewer in a one to one editing session, you will be able to see my screen and I will see yours, showing you my post processing how to really make your night photo pop!

you will need –

  • Lightroom and Photoshop CC 
  • a comfy environment to work at 
  • a fast internet connection 
  • a microphone
  • teamviewer (free to download)
  • a good brew! 

Dates coincide with the Moon cycles and the Milkways position in the sky, peak shooting times are –

  • May 15th-24th
  • June 14th – June 23rd
  • July 16th – 24th 
  • August 13th – 25th August 


-what if it is cloudy or raining on my date?

-the weather is unpredictable at the best of times, a day or twos forecast before is usually a pretty good indication of what the sky should be like on the night. if the forecast is not looking great, we will arrange another date no problem and I can let you know also if the weather is looking ideal on any of the free dates I have too. your payment will not be lost do not worry.

Contact me here to book a space