Russ and Pia’s Fowey hotel wedding

I have been wanting to do a Fowey hotel wedding for a long time, Fowey is such a romantic place with stunning views all around, its no wonder why Russ and Pia chose it for their Fowey hotel wedding.

Russ and Pia (and most of their guests) were not from the area, some from all over the globe in fact so everyone was wowed with the beautiful view from the Fowey hotel.

The day started with preparation shots in Pia’s room with hair and make done by the talented Make up by Katalina. Pia originally did not plan to have a bouquet but one of her bridal party had surprised her by making her one the previous day, it was really touching and looked perfect.

The ceremony was also held at the Hotel in a lovely grand room overlooking the great views the hotel has to offer.

During the meal, Russ and Pia had arranged a couple of show waiters on the sly to play pranks on their unsuspecting guests, it really went down hilariously and took people a little while to clock on that the hotel wasn’t really Fowey’s answer to faulty towers. every 10 minutes they would get the rooms attention before embarrassing a select guest in front of everyone.

As Pia is from Denmark, there were a few traditions taking place too, any time some one tinged their glass – Russ and Pia would have to kiss so as you can imagine, there was lots of kissing through out the meal. Secondly if either the bride or groom would leave the room, the remaining would be free for the opposite sex to cover them in Kisses, Russ being one of 5 brothers, no time was wasted by them and many more taking full advantage of the moment.

After the meal, we took advantage of the great features in the hotel and nipped down to the water’s edge to get a few more special portraits.

The evening started with a great set by a local crooner, getting the whole room involved, finishing the set with Frank Sinatra’s new york, new york.

I can’t wait to return for another Fowey hotel wedding, if you are planning your own wedding in Fowey, I would love for you to consider me, feel free to get in contact with me.


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