Lightroom & photoshop editing basics lessons



New to photo editing? confused by all these odd looking functions in adobe lightroom and photoshop?

Using a selection of pre planned assignments I will supply, I will teach you all the main functions and a variety of skill to get you started on your editing adventure.  

such as –

  • Cataloging 
  • exporting the correct format
  • watermarking
  • all develop techniques
  • colour correction and white balance
  • clone tool 
  • photoshop layers
  • masking
  • and more! 

With these skill I will teach you, you will be able to edit your own photographs to a high standard.


Sessions will be a one to one experience at via Teamviewer, you will be able to see my screen and I will see yours, showing you the process and talking you through while you do the same.

you will need –

  • Lightroom and Photoshop CC 
  • a comfy environment to work at 
  • a fast internet connection 
  • a microphone
  • teamviewer (free to download)
  • a good brew! 
  • dual monitors would be a bonus but not necessary 


Contact me here to book a session