Will you be the wedding photographer on the actual wedding day?

I sure will! you are paying to book me (Tom Robinson) and not an associate photographer. 

How many finished images should I expect?

For a full day of wedding photography, I usually average between 400 – 600 finished images.

If you have booked two photographers, expect at least 200 more.

you receive them all in both colour and black and white.


Can I make my own custom wedding package?

Absolutely! the packages I offer are just a guide line for my most popular choices. If you fancy a part of one (maybe you would like a larger album or not keen on a photo booth) we can put together a custom package no problem.

We are eloping to Cornwall so probably cannot meet up before the wedding, help!

Not a problem at all, we can always skype / facetime and make a plan that way instead.

I can also recommend lots and lots of other great wedding suppliers in the county if you are struggling to find some.

What equipment do you use?

I use 2 professional full frame canon DSLRs and a variety of lens so every angle and shot is covered, and of course having a backup in case the unpredictable happens on the day.

What happens if it rains on the wedding day?

While we are making a plan at our pre wedding meeting, I always make a backup plan for the worse case scenario. There is more often than not always a break in the weather on the day so we can still get outside, Failing that, I know of lots of great indoor spots at most venues around Cornwall to take advantage of.

Rain can also be a blessing in disguise, if you don’t mind braving the outside with an umbrella, we can create some truly stunning shots just by getting a little creative with some camera speed lights.

Do you have insurance?

I am fully insured for both my photography work and also aerial photography, also holding public liability up to £2 million for both. 

How do we make a wedding photography booking?

First thing would be to get in touch, either by phone or email works best for me (Saturdays I am usually at a wedding though as a pre warning).

If you are local to Cornwall, its best to meet up at the venue / reception venue where we can scope out the area for nice spots to use and make a brief plan for the day and then sign a contract to officially book you in.

The deposit is £150 which once paid secures you date.

What if my family and friends want prints from the wedding day?

After your wedding, you will get a online gallery hosted on this website where all your images will be stored (Wedding day, pre shoot and photo booth all in the same place).

I give out my card with the details and password on the wedding day so everyone there gets access to it. 

There, anyone can purchase a huge range of prints or digital downloads. 

Will you arrange the group shots at the wedding if we wanted?

Traditional groups are still a big part of weddings, its not often all the family are in the same place. 

I take firm control at this point and get everyone in the right place.  During the pre wedding meeting, we will discus what shots and arrangements you would like on the day.

What happens if you are ill on the day?

It have never happened yet! 

But don’t worry, there is always a contingency plan. I am part of a huge network of Cornwall wedding photographers so you will never be left in the lurch, someone of equal talent will shoot the day itself and I would do the editing to give give me usual style to the finished photos.